Società di Danza Novara-Arona

Nineteeth Century Dances Courses

“To rediscover the charm and pleasure of traditional European society dances.”


The  Società di Danza is a cultural association that focuses on research, practice and diffusion of historical dance, and specifically 19th century dance in  agree with the  Manifesto, the System and the  Educational Material.

The  Società di Danzacultural association founded and directed by   Dr.Fabio Mòllica in Bologna in 1991. organizes  courses gran ball  reconstructions in several Italian and European cities,  formation activities, schools and historical dance stages,  produces  books on dance history, specifically of 19th century,  educational material, collaborates with cultural institutions and associations, and promotes historical research in the dance field.

The natural evolution of the Society of Dance, is the Federation of Dance Company active since 2007.

The association study, the spread and practice of social dance of nineteenth-century tradition.

Our system consists of dance group dances and couple dances;

belong to the first set and Quadrille contredanses,

according to Waltz, Polke, Mazurke, Galop and dances derived from them.

The two sets are not rigidly separated, but live interrelated and form

the universe of our system of choreographic Dance Company of European tradition.

The dances of our system are designed as a small project social and artistic.

The dance activities that we practice falls within the field of social dance or company.

It is a practice different from that which forms part of the so-called historical dance.

The dance is the product of historical research of the “Rebuilders” of ancient dances.

These scholars, using different methods of study, through comparative analyzes,

reconstruct individual dances belonging to specific historical moments.

The Dance Company of nineteenth-century tradition, that is the system that we practice, is a different experience.

Ours is a summary of what the 800 hundred dancing masters produced.

The diversity that we have come to homogeneity. On dozens of variants of a dance,

we operated a synthesis and produced a single sample.

From the wide variety in the description of steps and figures we have extracted all the basic elements

and had them placed at the foundation of a “language” only, on which to base

the further development of the system.

In our idea of ​​dance company analysis manuals 800 leads to the synthesis establishing precise rules, clear and shared,

so that a reality of the past may return to being dance alive, reproducible and developable in the future.

With this purpose, the Company of Dance organizes Grand Ballroom and costumed shows,

publishes books on the study of dance and organizes courses in Italy and abroad

in order to spread its system.

The Dance Company is an affiliate of the:

   Royal Scottish Country Dance Society di Edinburgo.

The Dance Company Federation aims to coordinate the activities of national

and international dance Companies associations.

 From 1991 the Company of Dance has made:


   Grand Ballroom. Reconstruction of the nineteenth century dances in period costume in squares and historic buildings 

Summer School (from 1993)

Seminar Pasquale (from 1992)

Seminars Historical Dance (from 1994)

Training Seminar for Teachers of Dance Ottocentesca (from 1993)

International Stage Dance Ottocentesca

Great Ball of the European Union

International conference 1999, 2000

Project   Gran Balli Risorgimentali

Publication of   books 


A library fund created in the library of the Department of Music and Entertainment

of ‘University of Bologna, containing documents and materials

from different countries on the social dances of the nineteenth century 

Projects in collaboration with universities, Museums, Cultural institutions and local authorities

of many Italian cities

The project “The dance and the city” in Bologna 1996 to the 2000

Season of Dance of the eighteenth century

 From 2007 the   Società di Danza continued, developed and expanded these actvity of study,

search, training, practice and dissemination of dance of nineteenth century European society,

and also:

developed projects of national and international

made numerous training activities (courses, workshops and seminars) and   events in Italy and Europe

developed the project   Gran Balli Risorgimentali aimed at the celebration

of the unification of Italy and the founding values of the Risorgimento 

implemented the project ‘  Grand Ballroom of the European Union‘, aimed at the celebration

of the common historical and cultural identity of European countries

developed projects for training and dissemination of the culture of the nineteenth-century dance

addressed to high school students.

product and made a film   ‘An Idea of ​​Dance’ to present the work of study and dissemination,

the ideas and motivations, the dances and the   Grand Ball Ottocentesco.