Società di Danza Novara

Nineteeth Century Dances Courses

“To rediscover the charm and pleasure of traditional European society dances.”

The first 19th century dance course

in the province of Novara took place in 2012

on the initiative of the teacher

Silvia Brazzoduro.

The city of Arona hosted us for two years,

until, in 2014, the group found its permanent

headquarters in nearby Dormelletto,

joining the National Federations

of the Società di Danza.

Over the years,

numerous members of different ages

have joined, (today we are about twenty)

to support what is the “historical” nucleus

in this wonderful adventure.

Since 2019 Silvia has entrusted the Group

to the teachers 

Cinzia Galbiati and

Roberto Mocchiutti.

The purpose of the Association is promoting,

through the organization of events

in the province of Novara ,

the growth of the of nineteenth-century

traditional society dance

by sharing with the Members this beautiful experience

that enhances, amusement, socialization 

and growth cultural.

Joining is easy.

The Association proposes

the 19th century Dance Course

which provides a study path (divided into levels)   

to acquire the skillsnecessary to perform

group or couple figurative dances:

Quadrille, Contradance, Waltz, Polka,Mazurka

and Scottish Country Dances.

Associates to  Società di Danza can participate to several events, such as  19th Century Grand Balls and  Grand Ball Risorgimentali organized in Italy by various Circoli e grups associated to the  National Federation  Società di Danza that also organizes some national and international  Grand Balls and events in Europe.

Moreover the associates can participate to several other evets and to the  stage and schools organized by  Società di Danza, including the  Easter School, the  Summer School, and the  National Meeting and  international activities.