Società di Danza Novara

Nineteeth Century Dances Courses

“To rediscover the charm and pleasure of traditional European society dances.”

Year 2023-2024

19th century dance course

On Saturday:

First level 3,00pm -4,30 pm

Second level 4,30pm – 6.00pm

On Friday:

First and Second level 9,00pm -11,00 pm

Year 2023

Oct. 7- 21 – Nov. 4 -18 – Dec. 2 – 16

 Year 2024

Jan. 13-27 – Feb.3-16-24 – Mar.2-8-16-22

Apr.5-13-19-27 – May.4 -10- 25 -31

– Jun.8 -22

at Palestra Comunale

Via San Rocco 3

Dormelletto (NO)

Telephone booking is required to attend the courses

The course is offered to adults and young people

The dances, studied on the basis of the research and reconstruction work

of the   Società di Danza, are dances of nineteenth-century

European society tradition including quadrilles, contradances, figured waltz,

figured mazurka, polka, galop, marches, schottische and Scottish dances.