Società di Danza Novara

Nineteeth Century Dances Courses 

“To rediscover the charm and pleasure of traditional European society dances.”

Sunday 28 November 2021

St, Andrew’s Party

 Centrale Idroelettrica “Orlandi”

Via Dogana Vecchia

Galliate (No)

for Informations:

Cinzia – 388 6523015 

Roberto – 393 4179847

 St. Andrew’s Day in the Ticino valley

 To start again in joy,

    To celebrate the patron Saint of Scotland.

We will dance the new program 

 but also our beloved great classics. 

All dances will be called.

The ticket price is 15 euros including buffet

Per info and reservations : 3934179847

Grand Ball of Spring on the Lake

postponed to a later date 

Palazzo Penotti-Ubertini

Via Caire Albertoletti 31

Orta San Giulio (No)

For Informations:

Cinzia – 388 6523015 

Roberto – 393 4179847

Orta San Giulio

Due to the pandemic

the Grand Ball

is postponed to a later date.

Grand Balls, Tea dances, Events

The Società di Danza organizes Grand Balls

and Tea dances to practice the dances

learned during the lessons.

The Grand Balls, made in historic buildings

and theaters are formal reconstructions

of Nineteenth-century historical dances,

in period costume.

The Tea dances are informal meetings,

organized by various circles, usually,

Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

To see the national program,

follow the  link